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News of Our Organization

Photo: There are ideas that contain all the magnificence of the mining activity in Peru. Ideas that are enhanced with the honor of being awarded the “Andrés Marsano Porras” Gold Medal. Mundo Minero has joined in this effort, alongside engineers Rómulo Mucho and Julio César Gallardo, as well as Luciano Deliot, director of Mundo Minero.

The Chamber of Mines of Peru has a rich history, starting with the first steps of our founders in the mining world.

It began with the Pataz batholith, and then continued with the complexity of operations in southern Arequipa and the mechanized mining in the province of Oyón in Peru.

Over time, we reached today’s mining operations around the world as a result of globalization.

This is how our history came to be and part of it is embodied in our press releases.

We continue working for mining for all Peruvians
October 17, 2015
Geometallurgy: a tool for optimization of mining benefit
October 03, 2015
Technical Advisory Committee of our institution is already installed
September 15, 2015
Students and communities benefit from SR program
September 01, 2015
Working group with the UNSCH organized by our institution
August 25, 2015
The CMP encourages dialogue between the Executive and artisanal miners
August 20, 2015
Students of the UNH were trained by the Chamber of Mines
August 17, 2015
Rector of the UNI joins Advisory Board of the institution
August 06, 2015
Training Future Mining Generations is our Goal
July 10, 2015