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Working group on public health chaired by PhD Ernesto Bustamante

Professionals from the health sector discussed the phases of Covid-19 and public policies on the current situation.

Mesa de trabajo en salud pública presidida por PhD Ernesto Bustamante

The Chamber Of Mines Of Peru, an institution that promotes the development of mining in the enterprise, the state and society, teached the first international working group on Public Health Policies and Impact on Occupational Health, which was chaired by PhD Ernesto Bustamante (Peru) and his colleagues, Dr. Cesar Montoya (Peru), Mg. Mauro Brangold (Argentina) and Dr. Hector Nieto (Argentina).  They are also members of the master’s degrees in health sciences of Camiper School of Advanced Studies, part of the Chamber Of Mines Of Peru.

The course lasted 20 academic hours, from Monday, November 9 to Friday, November 13, with the presence of more than 2500 attendees, connected to CAMIPER’s online platform.

Topics addressed in the international working group on Public Health and Impact on Occupational Health.

During the academic hours given by the outstanding professionals of the health sector, topics such as the failure to control the Covid-19 pandemic and the analysis of the procedures that could have been improved or foreseen during the global health emergency were addressed.

Likewise, during the international working group on public health, the different phases of Covid-19. were explained. The professors discussed in detail the process of infection, treatment, transmission, detection of the virus and its final phase in immunity. These aspects served to deepen the research and dissemination of public and occupational health issues.

Finally, health sector professionals presented the design and execution of public policies for the protection and safety of the attendees. Emphasis was placed on those collaborators who care for patients infected with the virus.


Speakers who participated in the free course on Public Health and Occupational Health Impact

The professionals who participated in this academic session on Public Health Policies and Occupational Health Impact have extensive experience in these areas. In addition, they are internationally recognized professionals and are part of Camiper School of Advanced Studies, in their masters in health.

Ph.D. Ernesto Bustamante – Peru

He has more than 40 years of experience. Former Chief of the National Institute of Health of Peru. Internationally recognized researcher, awarded by his alma mater Johns Hopkins University School. He received the Samuel P. Asper award for his advances in medical research. In his career he held positions as Scientific Director of BioGenómica, as well as General Director of Mining Environmental Affairs at the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

He holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dr. Cesar Montoya – Peru

He has more than 35 years of experience in the health sector, public and private assistance, currently working in the Ministry of Health of Peru as auditor of the National Hospital Arzobispo Loayza in Lima. President of the Public Health Committee of the Regional Council III Lima of the Medical Association of Peru. He has been Manager of prevention and health promotion, as well as Director of citizen participation in municipalities of Lima.

He has a PhD in Public Health from the Federico Villareal University, a Master’s degree in microbiology from the San Marcos University, and a Master’s degree in medicine from the San Martin de Porres University. He also holds a Master’s degree in applied biology from the Federico Villareal University.

Ph. D. Hector Nieto – Argentina

He has more than 37 years of experience. Specialist in Occupational Medicine, Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine. President of the Society of Medicine, Occupational Safety and Health of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Head of the Department of Occupational Health and Safety of the P. Piñero Hospital of the Ministry of Health. He has been professor at the Scuola di specializzazione in Medicina del Lavoro (Università Sapienza Roma, Italy). Professor at the EHESP (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sante Publique) Paris – Rennes France.

He is a specialist in Clinical Medicine, Occupational Medicine and Sports Medicine from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mg. Mauro Brangold – Argentina

He has more than 36 years of experience in management and consulting. In public organizations, he has been Director of Management at the Advanced Life Support Hospital in Red El Cruce – S.A.M.M.I.C., he has been advisor and national coordinator at the Ministry of Health of Argentina, among others. In private organizations, he has been Management Manager at the Mater Dei Hospital, among others.

He also holds a Master’s Degree in Management and Administration in Health Systems and Services from the Favaloro University, Argentina, and he has a medical degree from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.