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New Educational Model developed by the Chamber of Mines of Peru

Our innovating method lies in methodological instruments and research activities.

The Chamber of Mines of Peru, through Camiper School of Higher Studies, focuses its teaching on technological and scientific aspects.

In addition, the School’s graduate programs have an academic curriculum adapted to new trends that studies the latest technological tools.

Below, we explain how our new educational model is integrated.


Globalization 4.0

Tool that allows access to the latest advances and procedures related to the area of interest in the mining sector. The instrument provides students with sources of information for their future research.

Mobile Learning

Tool that allows students to display multimedia presentations of their courses from any mobile device.

Camiper Virtual Lab

Students solve real cases by applying their knowledge acquired through this tool. In addition, the activities employ a methodology based on case analysis, used by Harvard University.

Collaborative Forum

This is a virtual forum exclusively for students of the Chamber Mines of Peru. In this forum, they will be able to interact with their classmates on a topic raised by our teachers.

Students will be able to expose their points of view and opinions about a case or fact. In addition, they will be able to deepen their knowledge through different concepts and ideas.

Camiper Webinars

Webinars are delivered by the specialists of the Chamber of Mines of Peru.  Therefore, students will have new knowledge of different subjects. Likewise, the topics to be covered are constantly updated.

Camiper Knowledge Evaluation

First evaluation of the acquired knowledge, by means of different tools used in the first part of the training program.

Camiper Offline

Tool that includes a series of articles, readings, bibliographic references and podcasts that the student will be able to consult. In addition, they will be available without the need to be connected to the internet.


Lines of Research

Activity in which students observe main themes to carry out their research work. They will also receive advice from our teachers, who will answer all their questions.

Social Learning

Outstanding research works are disseminated in order to establish social learning. This activity will be carried out through our virtual platform.

Integral Work

Students validate the knowledge acquired by putting it into practice in their work activities. Therefore, students can know the result of their training within the framework of the new educational model.

Applicable evaluation

Activity based on grading research findings within the three points mentioned above.


Camiper Consult

An important tool that allows students to make any type of query to teachers from wherever they are. Queries are answered by experts from the Chamber of Mines of Peru.


Audio content available even offline. It provides our students with extra material for their academic education.


This tool will provide students with a list of downloadable text files. It is also available offline.

Global Alumni

Tool used for our alumni to access the platform of the School of Higher Studies of the Chamber of Mines of Peru. The purpose is to exchange experiences and useful information for alumni.

Job Opportunities

Aimed at professionals who want to get a job opportunity from our virtual platform.