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National University of Cusco in working group for mining education

The Chamber of Mines of Peru held a working meeting with the deans and directors of the university.

National University of Cusco

The Chamber of Mines of Peru organized a working meeting with the deans and directors of the National University San Antonio Abad del Cusco (UNSAAC), who highlighted the importance of organizing this type of events to optimize the educational quality of future members of the mining sector in the city of Cusco and other parts of Peru.

“Este tipo de iniciativas tienen mucha importancia para que, tanto el sector empresarial como la comunidad universitaria: directores, docentes y alumnos, unifiquen esfuerzos. Además, de analizar el desarrollo de la industria minera para que sea lo más eficiente posible y genere beneficios para todo el Perú”, indicó el Dr. Carlos Franco Méndez, Decano de la Facultad de Ingeniería Geológica, Minas y Metalúrgica de la Universidad Nacional San Antonio Abad del Cusco.

Objective of the meeting with representatives of the National University of Cusco

The objective of this meeting was to analyze the current training scenario that exists in each of the universities in the provinces of Peru. This in order to know the existing needs in these centers of higher education. “Our intention is to listen to the needs that are presented in the institutions to develop an action plan and analyze the best way. Likewise, the Chamber of Mines of Peru will be able to contribute to optimize aspects such as the curriculum and create bridges to promote access to pre-professional internships, pointed out Eng. Cesar Gallardo Vela, Chief Executive Director of the Chamber of Mines of Peru.

It is important to mention that the Chamber of Mines of Peru is a pioneer institution in the organization of this type of meetings with the participation of university representatives from the provinces which are not always considered. As Eng. Juan Meléndez Nina, Director of the School of Mining Engineering of the National University San Antonio Abad of Cusco, once said: “I have more than 30 years of experience training university students, and in all those years I had never been invited to an event of this kind”. He also added: “This meeting is important because it allows us to have access to guidelines to improve the quality of our professors and students”.

Aspects of study taken up at the meeting and conclusions

The organization of this work meeting was attended by the members of the Board of Directors and Advisory Council of the Chamber of Mines of Peru, headed by Eng. Cesar Gallardo Vela, in his role as Chief Executive Officer of said institution. During the meeting, an important conclusion was reached: “there is a need to encourage students and professors to carry out research work. This is an aspect in which the Peruvian education sector is several steps behind in comparison with other Latin American countries, such as Chile.

“For us, training alone is not enough; it is also important to work on research, innovation and creativity. Since we live in a country and in a world in permanent change. The only way to face this successfully is by developing innovation strategies. These strategies are being promoted by the Chamber of Mines of Peru, both in Peru and in the other countries of Latin America”, said Eng. Cesar Gallardo Vela.

As a way of contributing to optimize the training of future members of the extractive sector. The Chamber of Mines of Peru established the initiative to establish collaboration agreements with Peruvian universities. This was very well received by the representatives from Cusco. “In my capacity as dean, I can affirm that the National University of Cusco is in agreement with the collaboration agreements of the Chamber of Mines of Peru. We are willing to do what is necessary to contribute our grain of sand so that everything related to the mining sector is carried out in the best way”, said Mr. Carlos Franco Mendez.