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More than 400 professionals participate in the Mining Congress GEOMET 2021p

More than 400 professionals from over 14 countries in the region, Spain and Central America will participate in the International Mining Congress, organized by our institution.

More than 400 Professionals Participate in the Mining Congress GEOMET 2021

Aware of the challenges faced by the mining industry in different countries around the world, more than 400 professionals are participating in the III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021 organized by the Chamber of Mines of Peru.

The congress allows the integration of participants from different countries in America and Europe. This is part of the commitment of our institution to promote mining for everyone, with responsibility and sustainability.

Thus, between April 19 and 23, more than 400 professionals will learn proposals and best practices in mining. All this from highly qualified experts in the areas of management, geology, mining, metallurgy, safety and mining maintenance.

During the third day of GEOMET 2021, the participation of speakers of renowned mining experience once again stood out.

The first course, entitled “Modeling and simulation of metallurgical processes”, was given by PhD. José Salazar (Spain), Director of Metallurgy of the Chamber of Mines of Peru.

Next, Dr. Hernán Seoane (Argentina), Director of Health Sciences of our institution, presented the course “Occupational Epidemiology” to the more than 400 professionals registered in GEOMET.

The last of the short courses, “Management and Auditing of Occupational Health and Safety in Mining”, was given by Ing. Alberto Ccahuana (Peru), with more than 38 years of recognized mining experience.

Success Stories in Plenary Sessions by Speakers of Renowned Mining Trajectory

On the other hand, the plenary sessions were also led by prominent industry professionals, who addressed the different topics from the experience in their specialty to the more than 400 professional attendees.

Such is the case of Mg. Julian Diaz (Peru), specialist in mining and environment, who developed the session “Maximization of concentrator plant operations with an integrated program”.

Ing. Enzo Fuentes (Chile), Operations Manager of Rocterra Ingeniería y Servicios Limitada, based on his 36 years of renowned mining experience in the same manner, gave the session “Optimization of drilling and blasting in surface mining”.

Likewise, the audience of more than 400 professionals highlighted the session “Successful cases applying hydrogeology in mining works”, by PhD. Roberto Poncela (Spain), International Consultant of the Chamber of Mines of Peru.

Likewise, the sessions “Successful cases in social management in times of pandemic” and “Strategies for cost reduction in maintenance in times of pandemic”, were led by speakers of recognized mining experience, MBA Walter Heredia (Peru), Manager of RRSS of Nexa Resources Perú S.A.A.; as well as Mg. Rafael Gubelin Cortés (Chile), manager of sustainability and maintenance at Unilever.

Be part of the more than 400 professionals present at GEOMET 2021.

Remember that you can still be part of GEOMET 2021, by clicking on this link, and even have the possibility to access all the material of the previous days.