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Mining development in Latin America, promoted in GEOMET 2021

During the closing ceremony of the III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021, PhD Leonardo Cornejo called for the development of a new mining and mining culture in the region.

Mining development in Latin America, promoted in GEOMET 2021

The Chamber of Mines of Peru successfully held the III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021, where, in accordance with its objectives and guidelines, it continued to promote the development of the mining sector through a new mining industry.

In each of the presentations of the more than 40 speakers who took part in the congress, the position of our institution to strengthen the sector through a positive synergy between companies, society and the State was made clear.

Towards a new mining in Latin America

 Likewise, at the closing ceremony, our President of the Technical Advisory Committee, PhD Leonardo Cornejo, highlighted the importance of the congress towards the fulfillment of that objective.

“During the presentations at GEOMET 2021 it has become clear the importance of the mining industry in our region and the world; and also the quality of the professional for mining development that there is in our respective Latin American countries. In addition, we have a tremendous physical and human potential to exploit these riches, unique in the world, such as the minerals that God has given us, and that allow us to be the main world producers.”

“The bad news, however, is that our activity is not very welcome or accepted in many of the countries of the region. During the last few years, the relationship between society, the State and the mining industry has been rather back and forth; and I would even dare to say that it has been neither faithful nor constant, as a beautiful Peruvian waltz would say”, he asserted.

In fact, the expert said that the problems that impede development and “the conflicts between the three fronts – mining, society and the State – have been somewhat difficult to deal with. And in many cases there has not been the political will to resolve the conflicts that have arisen between mining and the countries of Latin America. But this congress has clearly demonstrated the capacity, knowledge, interest and desire to innovate, create and develop an industry that respects the environment, as well as being able to continue contributing to the development and economic growth of our countries, which need it so much and which, therefore, we must take care of.”

The Chamber of Mines of Peru, promoting mining development

 Finally, from the Chamber of Mines of Peru, we reaffirm our commitment to continue contributing to mining development; as well as encouraging the cultivation and preservation of a mining culture among the countries of the region, as stated by PhD Leonardo Cornejo, when he recalled that the largest mining of copper, silver, gold, iron, molybdenum, zinc, lead, lithium, “are us, the countries of Latin America, who are sitting on a tremendous global wealth.”

Therefore, we invite you to continue providing solutions, strengthening professional ties and supporting projects and programs of our institution.