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III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021 addressed the mining vanguard

We promote mining development on several fronts, including professional training with an innovative educational proposal.

III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021 addressed the mining vanguard

The III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021 successfully concludes its mining training program this Friday. The international event, organized by the Chamber of Mines of Peru, brought together more than 400 professionals and the public interested in cutting-edge mining issues. They enhanced their knowledge in the sector, together with renowned specialists, through plenary sessions and short courses.

“I consider that the Chamber of Mines of Peru broadly focuses the knowledge and technical processes that are carried out at the mining level. It is an option for us to be academically more apt to develop our work in the mining area,” commented Norma Pilamunga, corporate mining advisor, in reference to the event she attended.

“I work around 12 years in the mining sector, and I always try to get the most information in the extractive sector. I work in Ecuador, but the legislation and technical aspects that are carried in the sector are also applied in my country”, the advisor said.

The Chamber of Mines of Peru fulfills its objective of Global Presence, as it was present in different Latin American countries such as Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Venezuela and Central America.

Likewise, once the congress is over, a certificate of participation in the III GEOMET 2021 will be awarded. In addition, the papers will be uploaded on the platform until 1 week after the end of the event. That is, from April 26 to April 30.

International application topics with GEOMET 2021

In addition, the aforementioned professional, Norma Pilamunga, commented on the topics of the event that were most beneficial to them. “Comparative Environmental Legislation was of interest to me, because it is applicable at the international level. So, since nature is considered a subject of law, it is important that we have the knowledge of the legislative structure that is maintained, since it is for the benefit of nature”, the specialist said.

In addition, the mining advisor made reference to her second topic of preference. “Another topic that caught my attention was the Introduction to NDTs. The company where I work, in Ecuador, we are dedicated to Non Destructive Testing through personnel trained in North America”, she added.

Virtual mining training remotely

 The current situation of the coronavirus pandemic has changed many of our habits and activities. Now many people attend classes remotely; therefore, the Chamber of Mines of Peru continues its educational work with the same disposition.

The III International Mining Congress GEOMET 2021 provides its plenary sessions 100% virtually. Regarding the platform and resources, the specialist qualifies as very good the tools that allowed her to follow the plenaries given throughout the week.

“It is a very valuable resource. We have had the opportunity to manage and have information from the short courses. It is important to keep moving forward on current topics such as the Post Covid-19 Mining Sector Reactivation”, Norma commented.

Important international event concludes successfully

 As part of the mining professionals who attended the event, Norma Pilamunga offers a few words of thanks. “I invite all professionals who are in the mining area to take this type of seminars; in order to enhance personal, professional and economic aspects”, the corporate mining advisor concluded.