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Free course on COVID-19 in the mining sector: impact, prevention, and control

Free training is part of the social responsibility of the Chamber Of Mines Of Peru.

The Chamber Of Mines Of Peru, in compliance with its strategic objective of social responsibility and commitment to society, has developed a free course for professionals in the mining sector. This course will focus on current issues and topics of general interest, such as the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

To this effect, we gathered renowned experts on the matter to help us understand the pandemic better, through the webinar “Coronavirus and COVID-19: from infection, transmission and detection to immunity”. One of these experts is Ph.D. Ernesto Bustamante, epidemiologist, molecular biologist, and biochemist at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical School; and a lecturer in the Epidemiology and Public Health Management MA Program at CAMIPER’s School of Advanced Studies, which is part of the Chamber Of Mines Of Peru.

We believe that there is no better way to face a challenge than with knowledge and research. Thus, we promote the dissemination of knowledge imparted by field experts that contribute to generating clear concepts to mitigate any doubt regarding COVID-19 in the mining sector.

And we assume this role through our Social Responsibility team as part of our commitment to the mining sector and to society in general.

The attendees to this course were able to learn and implement the most effective measures for the prevention, control, and mitigation of COVID-19 infections. These measures will allow us to have a balanced and sustainable life model to continue living through the pandemic until we obtain the ultimate vaccine.

With the participation of over 2000 people, this virtual training was a complete success.

Free course on COVID-19 for a healthy and sustainable mining sector

The Chamber Of Mines Of Peru is aware of the importance of mining for the economic development of the country; thus, we wanted to provide, with our own resources, legitimate information to keep on the activity during these hard times.

Finally, it should be noted that this is just one of the measures taken by the Chamber Of Mines Of Peru, as part of its commitment to the mining sector and the general public.