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Academic Alliance between UNEMI and our Institution

Institutions sign a cooperation agreement for the benefit of their students for an educational improvement.

Convenio académico entre Cámara Minera y Universidad Estatal de Milagro

The Chamber of Mine of Peru and the State University of Milagros (UNEMI) from Ecuador signed a framework agreement on academic cooperation between institutions. The agreement is aimed at strengthening the education level of students.

The agreement also establishes academic mechanisms to maximize academic efforts in favor of student from both institutions, and strengthens education with important elements such as technology and research. These aspects will allow an optimal professional development in students with a vision of future mining.

UNEMI’s Expectations on the Academic Alliance with the Chamber of Mines of Peru

The UNEMI main authority, Dr. Jorge Guevara, recognized the importance and influence of the Chamber of Mines of Peru in the extractive an industrial sector. In addition, he praised the level of experience and seriousness of the institution.

Meanwhile, our institution acknowledged the UNEMI work and promised to provide facilities through the academic alliance for the access to educational programs.  These programs will contribute to improving education of students and teachers of the institution. The aim is to optimize the educational network between both institutions and consolidate the international academic development, which will be achieved with the experience of the Chamber of Mines of Peru and its modern teaching tools.

Chamber of Mines of Peru: Alliances with global vision

The Chamber of Mines of Peru continues to broaden horizons and gain important allies to strengthen the academic and personal future of the professionals of our sector.

 Part of our institution’s policy is to establish alliances with recognized public and private entities at a global level, as in this case with UNEMI from Ecuador.

In this way, we support the substantial improvement in the development of a responsible mining sector through the synergy of companies, society and State for a common benefit in the current globalized context.

There are already more than 100 members who support the Chamber of Mines of Peru, an institution that works every day for mining for everybody.